Market Analysis and research on India and Greece

Part A: Research and analysis of information
  • Identify and meet with potential clients / partners
  • Identify and meet with key local and international competitors
  • Identify and meet with key government organizations / industry associations
Key objectives in meeting with above companies are to:
  • Identify potential partners / clients
  • Collect and cross-validate information collected from different sources
  • Confirm clients’ potential needs as to your company’s products / services
  • Learn from competitors’ experience in India
Analyze collected information under the form of a report that will highlight:
  • Market specificities
  • Current and future trends
  • Challenges and opportunities
Part B: Strategic recommendation to enter the Indian Sub-continent
  • Meetings with lawyers and CA will be arranged to apprehend legal, fiscal and accounting issues
  • Preliminary review and analysis of different strategies, including timing, financial and other requirements. Provide your company’s top management with concrete strategic recommendation on most effective approach, based on already completed studies and analyses
    • Strategic alliances
    • Creation of a representative office in Indian Sub-continent
    • Creation of a trading unit / logistics center in Indian Sub-continent
    • Creation of your company’s production unit in Indian Sub-continent

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