Making your vision a reality

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ORAMA- “THE VISION”, itself says about the vision of the founder who was active in both European and Indian market from last 13 years. ORAMA is the first fully owned Indo-European consultancy with permanent presence and office in India and in Greece which is specialized in business development in India and European (Greek) market.
The idea of creating ORAMA is inspired by the vision of few professional who were active in International Business Development in various countries around the Globe. Looking at the huge business potential of Indian subcontinent while, at the same time, there is no sufficient support and guidance for the Greek companies to enter and act effectively in this highly promising market of South East Asia along with Indian subcontinent the idea of ORAMA is generated.
The promoters with their engagement in the field of International New Business Development and expansion in European and Indian market have accumulated invaluable experience and deep knowledge of the reality and business culture of India and Mediterranean market. They have also developed an extensive network of reliable local and foreign partners and affiliates with sound experience.
So the company ORAMA adopts a very pragmatic hands-on approach in carrying out the projects and in all their assignments. Professionalism, effectiveness, flexibility, target achievement and ethics are at the core of our business.
In case that you are interested in developing your activities in the market of Indian sub-continent, it would be our pleasure to meet and discuss with you with the aim of jointly tailoring a collaboration agreement fitting your individual needs and expectations.

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