Feasibility Study

After completion of necessary market research and based on approved preliminary strategic recommendations and marketing plan we will start an in-depth feasibility study.
Objectives of in-depth feasibility study are to validate from a financial, legal and fiscal perspective the viability of the overall project.
Prior to starting the feasibility study in Indian Sub-continent it is necessary that one of our consultants get a full briefing at our client facility in its country of origin.
Objective is to acquire an in-depth understanding of client’s activities both from an operational and financial perspective.
Duration of briefing period varies from a minimum of one week to one month depending on the extension, complexity and the nature of client’s activities.
After completion of the briefing period we will start the in-depth feasibility study in Indian Sub-continent
Our field of research covers budgeting, analysis and validation of:
  • Legal, fiscal and accounting requirements
  • Physical structure
  • Team structure, recruiting needs and costs
  • Marketing plan
  • Implementation schedule
  • Initial investments (comparative analysis between local and import sourcing of equipment for industrial projects)
  • Fixed and variable costs
  • Production costs
  • Operating expenses
  • Sales forecast
  • Profit and loss forecast
  • Cash flow needs
  • Local sources of financing
In the eventuality of a joint-venture project the scope of our research will also cover in-depth research work on the Indian partner.
Duration of feasibility studies depends on the scales on each specific project.

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